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NCIC 50th Anniversary Celebrations

Map of Canada with identified train stops illustrating the Italian Journey Across Canada in transparency on green blurred fast train background

The centerpiece of the 50th anniversary festivities of the National Congress of Italian-Canadians is the “Italian Journey Across Canada”

A breathtaking train odyssey that symbolizes the vibrant tapestry of Italian culture woven into the Canadian landscape. Starting in Vancouver, this unprecedented adventure will wind its way across the country, stopping at iconic locations to celebrate the contributions of Italian-Canadians.

Celebrations all Across Canada!

Flag-Raising Ceremony

June 4, 2024

On June 4, a flag-raising ceremony and a lunch reception are scheduled in Ottawa to launch Italian Heritage Month 2024, while also marking the start of festivities for the 50th anniversary of the NCIC. Then, the Italian Journey Across Canada begins!

Unforgettable Moments

June 11, 14, 16, 2024

Once in Edmonton, take a moment to join another festive outdoor gathering. In Toronto, you’ll be invited to a sumptuous Italian evening and, in Montreal, you’ll gather with dozens of families brought together for a traditional Sunday lunch.

Outdoor Launch Event

June 10, 2024

Just before the train departure, a festive outdoor launch event is planned in Vancouver. Whether you’re of Italian origin or not, join in the festivities – a not-to-be-missed public event that will appeal to young and old alike!

Back to Pier 21

June 17, 18, 2024

At the end of the journey, visitors will have the pleasure of remembering the arrival of immigrants from Italy at Pier 21. An emotional commemorative ceremony and an evening of celebration will bring this memorable adventure to a close.

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Italian Journey Across Canada

Get on Board!

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If you'd like to join us on board the train, the NCIC is pleased to inform you that we have reserved cabins and berths for you! Tickets are available now. Places are limited.

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